Kissable Dog

  • For fresher breath. We start by descaling* your dog’s teeth, then thoroughly brushing them with a doggy toothpaste, followed by a freshening treatment to make your dog kissable!

    Finished with a complimentary dental chew to take home.

    *Teeth are descaled if your dog allows us to.


(included in Gold & Platinum Grooms)

Flea relief

Protect your dog from flea infestation with our choice of treatments. Ask in salon for details or call us.

Nail trim

An essential part of grooming. Keep your dog’s nails in top condition with regular trimming.


Included in Standard, Gold, & Platinum Grooms, & a Super Smoothie)

Perfect Pedicure

For tidy toes. This deluxe pedicure and pad condition includes:

* A nail trim

* Hair trimmed around the feet and pads

* A deluxe conditioning treatment to moisturise your dog’s pads


Included in a Platinum Groom


Our gentle range of Natural & Tearless Facial Cleansers, choose from below:

Rainforest – for tear and food staning, it lifts and brightens any facial colouring.

Oatmeal & Baking Soda – for odour neutralising and soothing the skin.


Included in Platinum Groom

Animal Reiki

This practive is gentle, non-invasive and energetically healing. We also offer canine massage and animal aromatherapy.

$33 per half hour

* The price for your dog’s groom will be confirmed on arrival at the salon.

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