K9 Groomers Policy


K9 Groomers requires all adult dogs to have a current kennel cough vaccine to enter the salon.


Dogs must be at least 2 months in age to be seen in the salon, and we offer a special intro groom for baby puppies 8-20 weeks to acclimate them to the process without undue stress. We recommend having your dog groomed early and often when they are puppies.


It is up to you as a responsible pet owner to make sure your dog is protected from fleas. If we notice fleas on your pet, the dog will be given a flea bath and the owner will be held responsible for the cost. We highly suggest that all pets be on a spot-on flea prevention.

Health Concerns

If your dog is ill, leave him at home! All dogs are required to be healthy at the time of service – if your dog becomes ill, you will be notified and are required to make arrangements for immediate pickup. If your dog is not contagious and very ill, but still needs grooming, contact us so we can make special arrangements for your dog to be groomed in a manner consistent with your vets recommendations.

Our staff is fully trained to work with dogs. In order to protect the safety of your dog while in our care, they may be segregated from other dogs if behavior warrants it. All areas are kept clean and disinfected regularly.


All dogs must be non-aggressive towards people. If your dog is dog aggressive he has the same right to bathing and grooming as any other dog, but you must let us know when making the appointment so we can assure no other dogs will be in the salon during the time your dog is being serviced.

Picking Up Your Dog

We attempt in every way to have your pet ready at the appointed pick-up time. Many pets are ready for pick up earlier than initially expected and we will call to let you know if this is the case. We rely on timing to enable us to offer a cage free environment for your pet while grooming and dogs must be picked up within 15 minutes of their original scheduled release time to avoid a late pick up fee. If you have a scheduling conflict the day of the appointment that requires your pet to be here longer than normal, you MUST notify us BEFORE your appointment so we can assure there is space for him to stay and issue a different release time.

Clipper Burn

The clipping process can cause irritation and/or redness on pets with sensitive skin. This condition is caused by a multitude of things and it may be the length of the blade being used that will cause the reaction. Because some animals have very sensitive skin, adjusting the blade length will alleviate the problem in most pets. If you see redness on your dog’s skin, be sure to let us know, so we can adjust the blade length on future grooming visits.

Brush Burn

In heavily tangled or matted pets, excessive brushing to remove tangles or mats can cause redness on your dog’s skin. To avoid this, have your pet groomed on a regular basis.

Nail Bleeding

When nails are clipped, even by a veterinarian, there is a possibility that one or two may bleed. The ‘quick’ is a blood vessel that runs down the middle of your dog’s nail. This blood vessel grows as your dog’s nails grow, so if you wait a very long time between clippings, the quick will be closer to the end of the nail. The quick is what we try to avoid while trimming your dog’s nails. It is easy to see the quick with white or clear nails, but more difficult to notice with black nails.

Trimming your dog’s nails is not just a part of grooming, but is important for your dog’s health as well. Untrimmed nails can cause a variety of problems including painful broken nails. In some cases, nails will actually curl and grow back into the dog’s feet. A good indication that dogs’ nails are too long is a telltale ‘click-click-click’ when walking on uncarpeted areas.

If the bleeding starts after you get home, we suggest you apply flour (or better yet, QuickStop) to stop the bleeding, or hold a tissue to the nail. The bleeding should stop naturally after 5-7 minutes. If it does not stop, contact a veterinarian.

Head Shaking

Removal of hair from the ears creates a different sensation for your dog, and the general response is shaking. Removing hair and wax from the dog’s ear is important for your dog’s health. You should check your dog’s ears the day after grooming to remove any excess wax that had been loosened during routine cleaning.


When a dog is clipped, it will experience the same type of itching a person would after a hair cut. The dog may have a pre-existing condition from flea bites, hot spots, allergies, or your dog could be experiencing stress from their environment. In rare cases, your pet may be allergic to the shampoo, and you should consult your vet as to what shampoo is best for your dog.


Pets are like children in that they don’t like to have their parents leave them. They shake and show fear that is very stressful to some owners. Be assured that once you leave the shop, they tend to relax to their new surroundings very quickly. Heavily matted dogs experience more stress than dogs that are less matted. Like children, dogs will remember the experience, whether it is positive or traumatic. Be a thoughtful owner – help us make this a positive experience for your dog! We want grooming to become an event both you and your pet can look forward to, rather than dread.

Are You Happy with the Hair Cut?

When you instruct us regarding the type of cut you would like your pet to have, we interpret your instructions and hopefully the look is just as you described. If the cut is not as you desired, please let us know! Our goal is to provide the cut exactly as you have requested. If you’re not happy, we can make a note in your dog’s file about changes we can make for future cuts AND set up a time to make reasonable revisions.

Matted Dogs

De-matting a pet can be a very painful process. Matted coats can cause a variety of skin & health problems. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, maggots and parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin infections. Matted fur also pulls and binds, causing pain to your pet when they move or lay on mats. The skin underneath is usually raw and inflamed. Matted coats will not dry properly and can lead to rotting fur and skin.

If matted, your dog’s hair may need to be shaved extremely short and may show signs of irritations and sores. In order to take care of a dog that was not groomed often enough, and is matted, the required grooming sessions may be long, stressful, or painful (please note, more than 1 grooming session may be required if your dog is severely matted).

We offer full body dematting for dogs whose coat we feel can be salvaged if they have a temperament that permits dematting. All dogs have different pain tolerance and some dogs simply don’t stand still long enough. Whining and begging me to save the coat will most likely result in your dog going home with no hair whatsoever. Hand dematting is reserved for clients who make regular appointments only and is extremely time consuming.

Grooming For All Seasons

Dogs need year round grooming to maintain their good health. The misconception that dogs should not be groomed in the winter is untrue. Dry heat in homes can be tough on our hair and skin, and it can be tough on your dog as well. The layer of fat between you pet’s muscle and skin is the true insular – if your pet is matted, it is better to clip your pet short than to let the mat cause skin and health problems. Allowing your dog’s hair to “grow in for the winter” can result in increased matting, which is a major cause of skin problems. If you decide to leave your dog’s coat longer for the winter, be prepared to brush the coat daily to prevent matting. If you’re concerned about your dog being cold when he’s outdoors, a sweater or fleece coat is a better option than leaving his coat long.

Hair that accumulates in the pads of your dog’s feet can pick up foreign objects, become matted and hold moisture between the pads. Many owners of long coated dogs have problems with getting burrs in the foot because the hair is too long. Especially in the winter, it is important to keep the feet trimmed somewhat to prevent “ice balls” between the toes and protect the feet from snow and icy conditions.

Loving Care

Be assured that the welfare of your very special dog is our biggest concern. Your trust and continued patronage is the very nicest compliment you can give. We will always work hard to earn and deserve the trust you place in our ability to care for your dog. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please call us at 09-426 3274 or email us at bookings@k9groomers.co.nz

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