• Full Groom

    Each full groom includes a wash, dry, nail trim, clip.

    (1-4kg) Tiny dogs – From $76

    (5-10kgs) Small dogs – From $82

    (11-20kgs) Medium dogs – From $92

    (21-35kgs) Large dogs – From $108

    (36kgs +) Extra large dogs – TBD


    Maintenance Groom

    For an in-between groom, please get in touch to discuss your dog’s requirements and price.


    Wash / Dry / Deshed

    These pricing guidelines are for single-coated, short-haired breeds.

    For longhaired, double-coated breeds, please book a Full Groom.

    Small dogs – From $55

    Medium dogs – From $70

     Large dogs – From $80


    Nail Trim



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